Road marking paint - waterborn

The Starline is specially developed to be applied in road markings.

The most modern machinery and technology are used in order to guarantee a high-quality product.

Produced from top quality raw materials and with rigorous quality control by Vimaster laboratory and production technicians, the Starline is environment friendly.

To meet different applications with maximum performance, the Starline ink line is divided into four different types for specific applications:

  • STARLINE STD: For any demarcation type, urban roads or highways, according to Brazilian standards
  • STARLINE HD: Road marking paint content high solids level
  • STARLINE TOP: Developed for applications that require maximum performance
  • STARLINE AIR: Developed for airport applications, according to Brazilian standards

Vimaster inks guarantee maximum quality and compatibility. A condition that results in a longer useful life and the maximum level of retro reflectance, on the surface where these products are applied, which allows greater visibility and safety on highways or urban roads, even in adverse weather conditions.



Starline was developed for asphalt and concrete pavements signage, on highways and urban roads, and can be used on paints and thermoplastics that are already worn out. For new concrete pavements, we recommend the use of the Fixamaster adhesion promoter by Vimaster, avoiding paint peeling due to the curing agents.


  • Quick drying, perfect finish and non-flammable;
  • Wash with water;
  • Excellent application and atomization characteristics;
  • High resistant to abrasion, after drying;
  • In glass beads addition, it can be retroreflective.


White | Yellow | Red | Blue | Black | Lime Lemon | And others.


Brazilian standards ABNT NBR 13699 - Horizontal Road Signaling - Paint based on acrylic resin emulsified in water.

Packing and storage:

18-liter buckets.

Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

The product stored under normal conditions has a shelf life of 6 months.


Health and safety:

Before handling, read the safety data sheet.


The floor must be clean, dry and free of contamination such as dust, oil, grease, curing agents and moisture. Always observe the dew point table. It is recommended that a small test be carried out prior to continuous road applications.

Application Recommendations:

Starline is designed to be applied by appropriate marking machines. Shake before using. Add Extra I-B glass sphere (Premix system) in a proportion of 250 g/liter of paint improving resistance, abrasion and ensuring residual retroreflective. To achieve initial retroreflective, it is recommended to add 350 g/m² of SUPER II-A or Master II-C spheres (Drop-on system). The powder application machine must be cleaned with water or ethanol.

Informações técnicas:

Application Thickness 3 mm to 5 mm
Minimum specific mass 1,59 g/cm³
Solids by minimum volume 62
Abrasion resistance (L) White ≥ 100; Yellow ≥ 90
Coverage power (plate 7) White ≤ 10 mm; Yellow ≤ 16 mm