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VIMASTER, a legal entity, owner and responsible for the, electronic address, and committed to complying with national regulations, through this policy, presents the guidelines for the protection of processing of personal data received through this environment electronic.


1. Who does this Privacy Policy apply to?

It applies to all internet users who come to access the VIMASTER website, who in some way have personal data, treated in the electronic environment under the responsibility of that company.


1.1. Update: The privacy policy may be updated or changed anytime, in which case this update or change will be informed and published to you, the Personal Data Holder. This document was last updated in November/2023.

Below, VIMASTER presents how it collects, uses, shares and protects your personal information when you use its services or access this company's website.


2. What kind of information and personal data do we collect and use?

A VIMASTER coleta e armazena os seguintes tipos de informações:

  • Information that you provide us by writing at contact form, for example, we collect your name, email and phone number.
  • Information collected automatically by VIMASTER: we collect and store information whenever the customer interacts with us. For example, we use cookies to obtain information when your browser accesses our website, as well as when you click on advertisements, partner emails and other content provided by us on other websites.


3. Why do we ask for your data?

  • Identify the user and customize your service;
  • Optimize your interaction with us;
  • Ensuring the security of the site and the data it processes;
  • Inform you about our products and services;
  • Comply with legal obligations;
  • Administrative and management purposes;
  • Improve our customers' shopping experience;
  • Run targeted online adversiting;
  • Improve our website, products and services.

VIMASTER will not use your personal data contrary to the purpose of its services.


4. When may we share some of your data?

Personal data collected in this website may be shared without prior notice by the holder, upon compliance with a court decision or legal obligation.


5. How long do we store your information?

The storage of personal data will take place for the period required by law, considering the form of each interaction and relationship between the data subject and that company. When there is no legal basis for the period of data storage, this whill occur as long as the purpose of treatment is necessary.


6. What are the rights of the data subject?

This privacy policy seeks to achieve all the rights supported by Article 9 of the General Law on Personal Data Privacy 13.709/2018 (Brazilian Law).

The Personal Data Holder is free to choose what information he wants to provide in the website environment; however, some information is essential to regulate the performance of the website.


7. How to exercise your rights?

Every Holder of Personal Data who has data collected by this company is guaranteed access to the information and rights provided for by law. You can exercise your rights though the e-mail:


8. From the Data Manager:

In compliance with the General Personal Data Protection Law, Article 41, Law nº 13.709/2018, this company appoints the company as Data Controller BISPO ASSESSORIA EMPRESARIAL LTDA registration CNPJ nº 40.152.714/0001-30.

The Data Controller serves supervisory bodies and holders of Personal Data for the e-mail

9. Cookies and Technologies usage:

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer or other devices (such as 'smartphones' or 'tablets') while you browse the website.

VIMASTER uses cookies to collect preference data and personalization data for a better user experience.

For registration, management and collection of consent the following cookies are used:


AdoptID Cookies – Generated at the time of access; and

AdoptConsent – Generated at the time of consent.

For monitoring and analysis of website performance, the following cookies are used:

_ga – User identification in different browsing sessions;

_gid - Collects number of visits within the site;

gac_UA-55736940-1- Used to evaluate the interaction that customers have with VIMASTER;

_gcl_au – Detects interactions though ads;

_gcl_aw – After clicking on an ad and acting on the website page, the tracking tag reads the data and sends it back to google ADS.


In summary, the constant cookies in this environment will collect data such as:

  • IP;
  • Access device type;
  • Device Operating System;
  • Access date; and
  • Consent and Non-Consent Tags.


10. What security does VIMASTER apply to data collected in the electronic environment?

VIMASTER has developed procedures that preserve information security, handling personal data safely and confidentially.

This website address has an SSL security certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection.

We do not request personal data by phone, WhatsApp, SMS or email. Under no circumstances should they be provided, as it could be an attempt at misuse.


11. How can I contact VIMASTER about my personal data?

This company has a specific area for meeting demands regarding personal data. To activate it, make contact via email:



Document review: November/2023
Reviewed by LGPD Assessoria - CNPJ nº 40.152.714/0001-30

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