Preformed thermoplastic

Bestflex line incorporate the latest generation of thermoplastic worldwide type.

Made according the best or superior preformed American or European thermoplastics quality standard.

It´s result of a technological effort and years of research and testing, which aims to add another high-quality product to serve the road marking market. 100% made in Brazil.

Best thermoplastic types:

  • BESTFLEX 30: with a minimum thickness of 2 mm, for majority applications.
  • BESTFLEX 45: special, with an average thickness of 6 mm, ideal for application in speed reduction ranges.

It can be supplied in rectangular slabs, with 0.6m wide and 1m long, or in special dimensions on request.


It can be applied to roads, streets, parking lots, schoolyards, playgrounds, and others.

Bestflex is produced with highest technology and a guarantee of high performance.


Bestflex is manufactured in strips of different lengths and widths, in addition to signs such as messages, symbols, arrows, numbers and pictograms.

A product according to Brazilian Traffic Signaling Manual (CONTRAN), or according to the client's design. Used to replicate the signs on road and streets surfaces, Bestflex helps drivers to better understand the signs


  • Quick and easy application, just one LPG torch. No special equipment is needed;
  • Highly resistant to weather and traffic conditions;
  • For better retro-reflectance, glass beads can be added;
  • Fast drying time;
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties.

It´s an easy and safe way to marking pedestrian crossing, arrows, symbols, letters, numbers, signs and signage logos.



White | Yellow | blue | Red | Green | Lime green | Black

Health and safety:

Before handling, read the safety data sheet.


  • To apply Bestflex, you only need an LPG torch, a broom and a chalk marker, surface must be clean, free from moisture, oil and dust;
  • Check the symbol position and mark it in advance with the chalk wheel around it;
  • Preheat the surface if it is wet or very cold;
  • Remove the protective film and place the symbol on the floor;
  • Put the sections (parts that form the symbol) as close together as possible;
  • Carefully heat the marking until the material begins to melt, continuously move the torch over the marking to avoid burning, distortion or discoloration;
  • If the application requires additional coating "piece by piece", apply the layers by heating each layer separately;
  • If surface is contaminated with pavement curing residues, must use adhesion promoter (Fixamaster);
  • When correctly applied, the material will be firmly adhered to the pavement and the flow of vehicles can be released in a few minutes.

Technical Information:

Thickness (mm) 2,5
White retro reflectivity (mcd/lx.m²) 300 - 500
Floor bonding adhesive  Incluso na massa
Approximate density (g/cm³) 1,67


According to Brazilian Standards (NBR 16039) Horizontal Road signage - Preformed thermoplastic for signage.

Presentation and storage:

Bestflex is packed in cardboard boxes.

Store in a cool and dry place. Properly stored product has a minimum 1-year shelf life.