Glass microspheres for road marking.

Vimaster is specialized in the manufacture of glass beads for signaling, blasting and reinforcing fillers.

This product uses recycled or new glass, depending on the complexity application.


The glass spheres facture, state-of-the-art stainless-steel ovens are used, which allow obtaining spheres of homogeneous shape and with a low level of ferrous contamination, which have a high retroreflective degree and a longer useful life.


We use classifying sector for different spheres with high frequency sieves and has great performance, which provides a wide variety of products, with granulometries, within the strict granulometry ranges specified by ABNT (brazilian standards).


Vimaster manufactures all types of spheres, for road signs, in accordance with Brazilian standards. (NBR 16184/2013), and can also develop special spheres to meet specific customer needs.


Upon request, Premix and Drop-on type spheres can be chemically treated to improve following characteristics:


• Applicability

• Durability

• Increased retroreflective levels


Consult our technical department, to know about the best indicate materials that suit your application.



We offer a complete range of granulometries, to meet the most varied applications, including blasting iron parts, stainless steel parts, non-ferrous metal parts such as copper, aluminum, and brass, among others.


Blast blasting spheres are produced in granulometries ranging from 10 microns to 3000 microns, and are available to customers in 25 kg packages (paper bags with plastic inner coating).

Blasting with glass spheres, in addition to cleaning the part itself and improving its finish, provides an additional benefit, produced by the thousands of impacts generated by the spheres on the part ("shot peening"), during the blasting operation, causing a surface treatment that increases the resistance of the part.

The great advantage of glass bead blasting, compared to sand blasting, is that it is a clean system, which does not contaminate the environment and does not cause damage to the workers health, as glass is a totally inert material, different of the silica contained in the sand.


Reinforcement Loads

Vimaster has a line of glass spheres for use in reinforcement loads.

These products can be used as a filler for plastics in the automobile industry, thermoplastics in highway demarcation, among dozens of other different applications.


As it is a low-cost material, the spheres are added during the production process and make it possible to reduce the final cost of the product.

Spheres produced in granulometries from 50 microns to 3000 microns, in 25 kg packages.



We know that good retroreflectivity is essential for safety in means of transport. To achieve excellence in this regard, three main factors must be taken into account:

  1. Application quality and machinery correct and adjusted.
  2. Paint or thermoplastic quality to form a perfect film with good hiding power and opacity.
  3. Glass spheres quality suitable for each type of demarcation.
Vimaster has a sophisticated internal laboratory to analyze the entire production and ensure the delivery of top-of-the-line products. Our products are a guarantee of quality in your work. Learn more, talk to our sales department!